PSA regarding leaked nudes of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande

Basically someone on 4chan used a Python script that utilizes Find My iPhone to make it easier to brute-force passwords and thus obtain the private photos of these 3 celebrity ladies (the anon(s) who did it claim they got more photos, but these 3 are the ones uh, confirmed so far.

If you’re expecting me to post the nudes, imagine me reaching through the internet and slapping you really hard.

This sort of behavior and blatant violation of privacy is disgusting. So, don’t go and look for those images because that’s a pretty damn scummy thing to do. Right now, this shit is trending as “the Fappening” which is so pathetic it’s hilarious.

To those who will inevitably complain that “WELL I WOULDN’T MIND HAVING MY NUDES LEAKED ONLINE, THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE UPLOADED PHOTOS BECAUSE OF THE RISK” there’s some glaringly obvious issues with your bullshit assertions.

First off, in the vast majority of cases, those people who talk tough about not caring about privacy violations tend to really quickly change their minds once their own privacy is compromised. Second, saying that “well if you took those photos and uploaded them you automatically risk this happening” is pretty freaking stupid, because that logic can be used to condone all sorts of awful things (I mean this is not like these photos magically leaked out of her phone because she emailed them to the press or something-somebody actively bypassed (mediocre) Apple security to do this). Ergo, stop that shitty attitude.

If we’re lucky, the dude(s) responsible will be caught for this and sentenced appropriately, just like this fellow. It’d be hilariously ironic if the people responsible for this were doxxed/revealed publicly when arrested and proceeded to whine about anonymity and the like (as most of the people who are okay with this sort of stuff tend to do).

Side-note: Apple security lol.


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