Japanese women are totally asking to be groped

also amazed about no fedora

Pretty sure you need some sort of zoning permit for that kind of mustache.

Dude JUST took down his video (inb4 mirrors everywhere), presumably because shitstorm be a brewin’ and he’s realizing that making the video was a bad idea (he’s not quite at the level of realizing that what he said in the video is idiotic, but hopefully he’ll get there shortly) but the video was 26 seconds long and feature him with the facial expression above as he got closer and closer to the camera and breathed on it.

“So, you know about supposed train gropers and all that stuff in Japan, right? Well guess what? Women-only cars! So, when you really think about it, if the women aren’t really going into the women-only cars, chances are they want to be groped. HMMMMMM!”





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