Another Texas Tragedy! This time, it’s medical.

Another ~2 week old article!

TL;DR: Guy who should not have ever operated on anyone, ever, operates on people for 2 years (killing 2, paralyzing 4) and the lack of regulation in Texas’ Health Care system means the guy kept on ruining people’s lives despite substantial evidence (and physician complaints). While an egregious case, other similar cases have been noted and unless Texas changes its system, these sorts of tragedies will continue to happen for far longer than necessary.

And now for two choice quotes!

First off, when a surgeon is compared to Hannibal Lecter in a serious manner at all, there’s a problem.

Physicians who complained about Duntsch to the Texas Medical Board and to the hospitals he worked at described his practice in superlative terms. They used phrases like “the worst surgeon I’ve ever seen.” One doctor I spoke with, brought in to repair one of Duntsch’s spinal fusion cases, remarked that it seemed Duntsch had learned everything perfectly just so he could do the opposite. Another doctor compared Duntsch to Hannibal Lecter three times in eight minutes.

Second, this guy is so amazingly bad that he knew what he had to do….and did the exact opposite! Malicious intent? Probably not. Surgery day is opposite day? Possible.

“I couldn’t believe a trained surgeon could do this,” Henderson told me. “He just had no recognition of the proper anatomy. He had no idea what he was doing. At every step of the way, you would have to know the right thing to do so you could do the wrong thing, because he did all the wrong things.”

Yep. Read the whole article though for a comprehensive breakdown of “why this guy needs to not be doing anything medicine related ever.”


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