GroovyGreenHat’s opinions on some of the MEGAEVOLUTIONS in Pokemon X/Y

Mega Blaziken: At first, I thought it was groovy. Then I looked and it, and I changed my mind. Then I looked at it a third time, and I think I’m actually OK with it.

Mega Mawile: It’s not that exciting, but I must confess that it does look groovier than regular Mawile. Then again, so does everything else ever.

Mega Absol: I actually don’t mind the wings and ruffles, but seriously Absol, use that scythe of yours and get a haircut.

Mega Mewtwo: Still lame.

Mega Lucario: Regular Lucario, but some kid drew scribbles all over it. Also needs a haircut. Come to think of it, pretty much all of these mega forms need a haircut. Apparently, mega just means regular, but with more veins and dreadlocks.

Mega Ampharos: Fabulous, but (surprise surprise) needs a haircut. The flowing white locks just look like Ampharos put on a silly wig. The tail looks bodacious, but I kind of like the original Ampharos tail… Kudos for making it electric dragon though, given that Ampharos’ Japanese name literally translates to “electric dragon.” Also, everyone knows that sheep and dragons are very closely related.


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