Japan’s PM denies that Japan invaded other countries during WWII

Alternative title: Why being a Japanese diplomat in Asia must suck

Keep in mind this guy also believes that the current Japanese constitution is invalid because it was drafted by American (occupying forces) and specifically, the whole “you can’t have a truly active/non-defensive military” amendment should be thrown out.

It’s not really surprising considering that there was/is a decent chunk of the Japanese population (among older people specifically) that genuinely believe that Japan was saving Asia from Western imperialism during WWII via the East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Good ol’ Abe also has made a habit of visiting the Yasukuni War Shrine in the past, which has generated quite a bit of controversy because that shrine honors Japanese WWII heroes, several of whom turned out to be war criminals.

The most recent news suggests that Abe will not be doing such a visit this year (PR move if you ever saw one), but that doesn’t excuse Abe’s past statements.


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